Vetbed by PetLife

Vetbed by PetLife

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- A superior choice for pet beds
- Heat retention and liquid draining properties, making it cosy and easy to clean
- Non-toxic and non-irritant - your dog will love it straight away.
- 66x51cm (26x20"), perfect for you pup.

PetLife’s Vetbed is a must-have bedding item for the home. With over 20 years of bed making experience, PetLife is a trusted name in the industry.

Known for its durability, warmth and strength, your dog is going to love their new Vetbed. With heat retention and liquid drainage, it’s easy to clean up after accidents. And it’s machine washable up to 95 degrees, for mess-free ease.

The Vetbeds are great travel accessories too for pets prone to motion sickness. The bed works to keep your dog warm and secure, while helping them adjust to a foreign environment.

Plus, they are hygienic, non-irritant, non allergenic and non-toxic, making it a safer choice for your pooch. And boy are they comfy! Your dog will be forever grateful.

What do our vets and nurses think?

Vet bedding is perfect for puppies because if they have a little accident it will wick away all the moisture to the bottom of the bedding. This reduces the risk of your puppy becoming soaked in their own urine and therefore prevents nasty urine scalds on their delicate skin. We use vet bedding in veterinary practice because it is warm and comfortable for all patients. Vetbed White is also hypoallergenic, making it perfect for sensitive puppy skin!