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Rosewood Training Clicker

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- A must have for obedience training
- Use with treats or toys as a reward to build up positive behaviour
- Small size, perfect for your pocket or in your treat bag
- Includes a handy wrist strap

The Rosewood Training Clicker is an essential product for any pet parent looking to train their dog. Use the clicker to enforce positive behaviour, and be sure to reward with a treat, toy, or affection.

While an ideal tool for training, it's also great for mental stimulation, making it a perfect tool for helping your dog learn and grow. 

What do our vets and nurses say?

Clicker training is super rewarding for your puppy and also helps with their mental stimulation. There are various levels of clicker training, all of which help your puppy to learn and grow into a well balanced dog. Speak with our wonderful nurses about the benefits of clicker training if you are unsure.