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Dental Bones
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ProDen Plaque Off Dental Bones - Chicken

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- Treats that help to clean your dog's teeth and reduce plaque
- Source of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids
- Chicken and Pumpkin Flavour, sure to delight your dog
- Made from 100% natural ingredients
- Free from grains, wheats, gluten, soy, corn, artificial colours, flavours, and preservatives

Want a treat for your pooch that can tackle teeth cleaning, tartar build up and smelly breath? You're in luck, because the ProDen PlaqueOff Dental Bones have been developed to do just that. And they are 100% natural, making them a sensible choice for your dog's daily treats.

What do our vets and nurses say?

These chews help to prevent plaque build up on the teeth, and therefore promote a healthier mouth! They are tasty and if used daily can really promote great oral hygiene. Used alongside brushing this is a perfect combination to keep your pups teeth clean and bacteria free!

Diet guide

Dogs 4-14kg:
1/2 Dental Care Bone daily

Dogs over 14kg
1 Dental Care Bone daily

There is approximately 100 calories per bone, so please adjust your dog's diet accordingly. If you need any assistance adding treats into your dog's diet, please free call our Joii vet nurses through the Joii Pet Care app.