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Nature's Menu Dog Treats

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- Full of protein, made from 95% real meat
- Manufactured in the UK
- Gluten-free, and no nasty artificial colours or flavours
A delicious taste your dog is sure to love

Using treats to train your dog? How about during walkies when they were perfectly behaved? Perhaps your dog just deserves a reward for being a good boy or girl! Whatever your reason for bringing out the treats, make sure you’re bringing out Natures Menu Dog Treats.

The natural treats are made with 95% real meat, consisting of a blend of chicken and pork. They are gluten-free, and contain no artificial colours or flavours. And the pack is resealable, making it easy to keep them nice and fresh! 

What do our vets and nurses think? 

Natures Menu offer a great range of pure meat treats, making them a tasty and high reward treat when puppy training. They also don’t contain any nasties and are 100% natural!