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Mikki Easy Grooming Matt Breaker

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- An easy and efficient tool for removing matts and tangles
- The ergonomic handle is great for grip
- Stainless steel blades are shaped for optimum cutting effect
- Removable head to suit both left and right handed users

Bad fur day? Remove your dog’s matts and tangles with the Mikki Easy Grooming Matt Breaker. Made from stainless steel with micro-serrated edges, it’s perfect for taming the wildest of fur in pets with medium or long-hair.

The stainless steel blades have been designed to cut with ease, where the removable head means you can reverse it to suit both left and right handed pet owners. And it’s simple to use! Cut progressively with short strokes, and for very dense matts it may be necessary to rotate the wrist to produce a sawing action. Your dog will be looking like a brand new hound in no time!

What do our vets and nurses think? 

Maintaining your puppies fur is really important for their skin and coat. Regular brushing can help promote healthy coat growth and reduces the risk of bacteria building up against the skin!

Never force the Matt Breaker through the coat, as this not only causes discomfort to your pet but is ineffective. If your pet is excessively matted it may be wise to seek professional assistance. Also, sensitive areas may be better clipped as they are more vulnerable. Clean the Matt Breaker after each use, put a little light oil on the blades & store in a safe place.