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Ergo Nail File

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- Keep your dog’s nails neat and tidy with the Ergo File
- A strong metal file designed to round off sharp claws and neaten jagged edges
- Features a comfortable handle and a durable structure

Need help dealing with sharp dog claws? The Ancol Ergo Nail File could be your second best friend (after your dog of course!). The metal file is great for rounding off sharp claws or neatening jagged edges, making it the ideal product for grooming your dog’s nails.

We are proud to support UK businesses. Ancol Pet Products is an independent, family owned company that have been producing pet products since 1971!

What do our vets and nurses think? 

Getting your pups used to handling their feet at an early age is very important. This needs to be a positive experience so that they learn foot touching is nothing to be worried about. Once your pup is used to feet handling, this gentle nail file can help introduce them to general nail care.