Protexin Pro Kolin Advanced Dog 30ML

Protexin Pro Kolin Advanced Dog 30ML

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- Natural reset of healthy gut bacteria

- They love the taste!

Prokolin + is a highly palatable probiotic paste used to support healthy GI tract function in dogs. It contains important ingredients that restore GI balance, encourage growth of beneficial gut bacteria, firm up loose faeces, and soothe the gut lining. Useful in recovery from diarrhoea and other intestinal disorders.

Can be given by mouth up to three times daily depending on severity. Does contain artificial beef flavoring so not recommended for patients with a dietary sensitivity to beef. 

Administration guidelines: For patients

<5kg give 2mls twice daily

5-15kg give 3mls twice daily

15-30kg give 5mls twice daily

>30kg give 7mls twice daily

25-35kg give 6mls twice daily

35-45kg give 8mls twice daily

>45kg give 10mls twice daily.