Stomodine F Gel

Stomodine F Gel

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- Soothe painful teething with this vet-recommend gel
- Antibacterial and soothing gel to help soothe gums
- Manage the build-up of plaque that causes bad breath
- Meat flavoured, making it a delight for your dog or cat
- 30ml bottle

Soothe painful gums and say goodbye to bad breath with this Stomodine F Gel, brought to you by Vetruus. The gel is rich in vitamins and Omega 6 to help implement the activity of phytosphingosine, which just means it can help to soothe and reduce redness.

What do our vets and nurses think?

An antibacterial gel that helps to manage plaque and bacteria in the mouth, resulting in fresher breath and healthier oral hygiene. 

This is not a replacement for toothbrushing, but it is a great product to improve your pet’s oral hygiene while you get them used to their mouth being handled.

How to use it

Use after dental procedures as well as for maintenance/prevention for long term oral hygiene.
Use once or twice a day for a minimum of 15 days. Can be used ongoing. 

Apply between the lips and the gum line and massage gently - ideally once per day.